I made this site to assist people on how to install drivers on their computers, because I work alone I would ask for patience with uploading new stuff, I will go as fast as I can.

This web site is mainly for users who are attempting to install drivers for the first time, so any high end users please ignore this site because it is not intend to be for you.
I am hoping to help people understand what drivers are and how to find them via world wide web using easy and free(mostly) tools.

Today on computers with windows 10 it is very easy to find drivers if you have internet connection and recognized wireless or lan device(you just let windows to search for them), but I am, like many users hooked on Microsoft Windows 7, and I think it’s by far the best operating system FOR WORK from Microsoft for now, and I intend to put links to drivers for laptops that I know they can work on windows 7 environment but on their support sites there are no windows 7 drivers listed for them. And one thing that goes on my nerves is when you search for drivers, web sites takes you everywhere except on drivers location..

And also I am gonna put here lots of other stuff and tutorials for fixing computer and consoles errors as I go on.
So, I hope you are gonna find what you need here.

Dragan Petković