Asus H81M-C description:

Micro-ATX H81 features new UEFI BIOS and dedicated fan controls to fulfill everyday productivity

New UEFI BIOS and EZ Mode: Friendlier, easier, and more intuitive with helpful info added
USB 3.0 BOOST (UASP Support): 170% faster transfer speeds than traditional USB 3.0
Network iControl: Real-time network bandwidth management
CrashFree BIOS 3: Restore corrupted BIOS data from USB storage
AI Suite 3: One-stop access to innovative ASUS features

All drivers can be found on Asus website:

After you install of them, you will stuck with one that is not on their site:
PnP Device Asus AMDA00 Interface
After you download it, unzip it, and then from device manager, manually point unknown driver to the unzipped driver’s location.


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