Playstation 4 Update Loop Error SU-41283-8 PS4

This is one irritating error on Playstation 4 consoles. Most consoles(not all) got error when official Playstation 4.0 update came out(but Sony won’t fix it for you even it’s their fault, I mean they will fix it for you but it… Read More

Playstation 4 , PS 3, PS Vita and PS Portable (PSP) Complete Error Codes

Playstation 4 , Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and Playstation Portable complete error codes with description: NW-31201-7 Could not connect to the network WV-33899-2 Could not connect to PlayStation Network E-8200002E The credit card on file is not valid WC-40349-0 The… Read More

Playstation 4 New Installation Of The System Software

New Installation Of The System Software on your Playstation 4 is used when you replace your Playstation 4 hard drive(you can also use it if you are having minor issues with your console) First you will need USB flash drive(1GB usb… Read More