CPU Overheating Even After Cleaning Heatsink And Fan

So you have laptop and you are having overheating issues with it, your first idea will be to clean it by yourself or take it to some Computer Service in your town.

If you are doing it by yourself, first search youtube and enter model of your laptop and add word disassemble and hit enter(this is all if you are doing it for the first time).

And now you have opened your laptop and cleaned it good, you even put new thermal paste and everything should be fine but it is not.

Temperatures are going through the roof when you run AIDA64 system stability test and you are wondering what is wrong, or maybe you did something wrong.

If this is the case, before doing this fix (that I will tell you), first check the following:

  • that you didn’t forgot thermal paste
  • that you have tightened cpu heatsink good
  • you didn’t forget to plug in fan connector to the your motherboard.

If all is ok but you still get temperatures like 85-100 Celsius(185-212 Fahrenheit) upon running system stability test then you can do one little fix, you can drop Maximum Processor stat to 70-80% and believe me, it will drop temperatures like no Thermal paste 🙂

I know this is dropping CPU performance but better slower CPU than burnt one

My opinion this happens when one CPU core has issues and that’s why it hit’s temperatures through the roof.

So here it is(for Windows 7):

Right click on desktop and click “Personalize”, next click on “Screen Saver”(bottom right corner),

next click on “Change Power Settings”

then click on “Change Plan Settings”

And then on “Change Advanced Power Settings”

Finally select value that you think is best for you, you can try as high as it gets but with fair temperature drop down, and just click ok and close other open windows and that is it!


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