How old is your windows installation?

If for some reason you need to know how old is your windows installation, here is a quick way to find out exact date.

First you need to run Command Prompt, to do that press start and in search enter this “cmd”(without quotation mark) and click on “cmd.exe”

When you do that, you will open command prompt and you will need to enter just one command, but please be careful how you enter command, you need to enter it exactly how you see it here, if you make just one error(not just if you miss one word or letter, you need to take closer look at spacing between words, it has to be same spacing like in command seen here:

systeminfo | find /i “install date”

After that, just press enter and you will get your windows install date!

If you don’t know how to enter this sign that goes after “systeminfo”, it is called vertical bar and you enter it by pressing following keys on your keyboard:

Alt(right alt, not left) and letter W

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