Updating your Playstation 4 System Software from Safe Mode using USB Flash Drive is similar to clean installation.
Again, you will need USB flash drive(1GB USB Drive will do just fine)
Download update file from this location and remember where computer saves it (current version is 5.01)
Insert your USB Flash Drive, open your computer, right click on your USB Flash Drive(most common name is Removable Disk) and choose Format options:
For file system choose “FAT32”, Alocation unit size leave as 4096 bytes, volume label is not important, you can leave it empty, check “Quick Format” option and click “Start”
When format is finished, open your USB Flash drive and create folder “PS4″(without Question marks), open it, when you are inside it create another folder called “UPDATE”(again without Question marks) and inside that folder copy Update File that you downloaded earlier to your computer(name MUST be “PS4UPDATE.PUP”(without question marks). It should look something like this:

Now go to your Playstation 4 console and turn it off completely(make sure it’s turned off and that power indicator is not lit), if it is on, press and hold power button for at least 7 seconds(until system beeps for a second time).
Now, when your console is turned off, insert your USB flash drive in your front USB ports on your console and press and hold power button again for at least 7 seconds and your Playstation console will start in Safe Mode.
When you are in safe mode, select option number 3.(Update system software) and follow on screen instructions.
If your console does not recognize the update file, you probably didn’t name folders correctly, so go and check that all from beginning, or you have bad USB Flash drive.

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