This is one irritating error on Playstation 4 consoles.

Most consoles(not all) got error when official Playstation 4.0 update came out(but Sony won’t fix it for you even it’s their fault, I mean they will fix it for you but it will cost you nice amount of money).

So problem is with corruption of the Flash-Main IC or rarely a fault caused by a physical failure of the Bluetooth / WiFi module.
Don’t trust that youtube videos telling you to pull power cable during update(or similar solutions) because it’s pure nonsense.

What you need to do is to watch this very good youtube videos done by Andrew Paul(here is link for his youtube channel, he has many good tutorials for both playstation and xbox consoles)

Links for software needed to do this is bellow youtube videos:

PS4 Ac1d Flash Tool:

Python v2.x:




HEX Editor

I used much cheaper programmer(2.55$) here is link for it. Problem is you need to wait a lot for it to come(from China, it takes like 1-2 months)
We have them in stock if you can’t wait that long, send email on shipment via airmail up to 10 days max anywhere, of course price is not the same)

Also if you need working firmware for your particular Wifi/BT chip, also send email to

Here is what we have(if you watch youtube videos you will understand what this number means).

If you have 3.x and lower version: PS4_V4_SAA_SAB_C200001 (452.764 byte size)

If you have 4.x and higher version:
SAA_SAB-001 450940 bytes
SAA_SAB-001 451312 bytes
SAA_SAB-001 452728 bytes

Rev 1.0 C0020001 434.871 bytes
Rev 1.1 C0020001 434.871 bytes
Rev 1.2 C0020001 431.614 bytes

C0020001 431.614 bytes

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