Here I will put links to the software that you will need for successful computer drivers installation as well as a windows(XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) installation, and of course testing all of your computer components. Every one of this programs has or will have his detailed explanation in his own article, this is just to have all download locations on one place.

NTLite is the cutting edge Windows configuration tool
Download location is here 32bit  and 64bit

Ultimate Boot CD allows you to run floppy-based diagnostic tools from CD-ROM drives and consolidate as many diagnostic tools as possible into one bootable CD, this is MUST HAVE for any computer geek out there! 🙂
Download location is here

Hard Disk Sentinel Professional is fast and reliable hard drive test program, instant diagnose!
Download location is here (no need to pay for licence, just use trial)

HDDScan 3.3 is very fast hard drive test program, also instant diagnose!
Download location is here

Google Chrome Standalone Version(when your need to install it on some computer but you don’t have internet access on it at the moment or you like me, install it often to people so you put in on your usb flash drive)
Download location is here

DAEMON Tools Lite
Download location is here (just choose lite edition and the one button without dollar sign on it)

Novicorp WinToFlash Lite
Download location is here

AIDA64 Extreme 
You can download AIDA64 here


7-Zip is free program for unzipping your downloaded files that require that action 🙂
You can find it here